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The Layers App

A new canvas for music creators

Everyone knows that music and visuals go hand in hand. The Layers software suite unleashes your full inner creative, enabling you to effortlessly capture your creative process on video and create beautiful accompanying visuals


Seamlessly capture HQ video from any camera source including your phone without leaving your DAW

Intelligent Timeline Creation

Video clips automatically sync to your DAW session. BPM based video timelines. No more hours wasted painstakingly transferring, aligning, and trimming your video clips

Musical Visual FX

Creative, stackable, controllable visual FX chains. Everything you love about creating in a DAW, brought to a video editor you understand immediately.

The Community

An idea playground for music makers

We are a community for likeminded creators to share and flip short-form music & visual creations. No more hard drives of unfinished ideas sitting idle and unheard. Imagine a world where your creative process can thrive. Where those unused musical bits and pieces gain new life as they are released, sparking collaborations with your musical peers and idols. This is the Layers universe. Just hit share.

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